CROSSSOFT Webshop for clinics

UI/UX design for a webshop mainly for the hardware configuration for clinic

CROSSSOFT Webshop for clinics

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CROSSSOFT is a software and hardware development company that specializes in medical and dental clinics and hospitals. To meet customer demand, the company required a new online store dedicated to its healthcare hardware product lines.

One of the challenges was to present the complex configuration process for hardware products, such as server computers for clinics and hospitals. To address this, I divided the process into smaller sections with a progress bar and navigation function. Each step of the configuration process was visualized, including product colors and RAM storage, allowing customers to focus on one topic at a time and make informed decisions in a step-by-step manner.

Project for

CROSSSOFT. GmbH / 2022

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  • Small section divisions for configuration: make the process more manageable and less overwhelming
  • Visualized configuration options: simplify the decision-making process for customers
  • Process bar from configuration till payment: clear the user journey as a guidline
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