Gut Microbiota

A digital learning platform with the topic about a gut microbiota

Gut Microbiota

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This project is designed to develop a web-based digital learning platform for gut microbiota education for students in higher education. The platform provides gut microbiota courses which include germ-free animal models and the effect of gut microbiota on health. The platform presents the contents with science visualization and animated infographics which explain effectively the complex scientific topics and make them memorable. It is also designed with functions, which make the interaction with professors and other students possible to get a maximum educational effect. It is optimized in the area of natural science, especially gut microbiota, through simplified visualization for better understanding than photorealistic. This visualization concept is proper for details of contents and complexity with animation as a blackboard technique, which is considered the cognitive perception for effective learning. Via the usage of this platform, students can study higher educational content at any time and in any place in their own tempo without losing the interactivity of conventional education. Professors or educators can spend more time to support smaller groups of students or individual questions by saving the time that was spent for giving conventional repetitive lessons. UI/UX design in the platform intends the needs of students by learning and engagement in education when the platform must cover the analog education in the case of physical distancing like a Covid-19 crisis.

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Master project (supervised by Prof. Tom Duscher) / 2020

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  • Interactive e-Learnig tool
  • Animated infographic in blackboard style