UI/UX design of an innovative collaboration tool for patients and healthcare professionals.


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INFINITYQ is a groundbreaking secure collaboration application that is transforming the healthcare industry. With end-to-end encryption, healthcare professionals can share sensitive patient data in real-time. The platform includes real-time chat/video call functions, as well as a secure online medical history, symptoms, and diagnosis for direct communication with patients.

One of the challenges was to design a logical and user-friendly interface for presenting the complex medical history data, which would cater to various user groups such as minor patients, elderly patients, patients of different sexes, healthcare professionals, and healthcare organizations. Each user group had different requirements and situations that needed to be addressed. As a web and native app, responsive design was a key consideration in making the wide range of complex information accessible across various devices.

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CROSSSOFT. GmbH / 2023


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  • Powerful real-time collaboration: makes easier to work with all important healthcare information
  • Visualized online medical history, symptoms and diagnosis for direct communication with patients: save the time from writing all information in the clinic / hospital by patients
  • Integrated document management system (DMS): more effectiv collaboration work on digital healthcare data with relavant healthcare providers
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